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Netscape's VRML Navigation Diagram

Here are some quick pointers to get started with navigating in 3D scenes:


Alt + Drag


Control + Click
Walk through the scene

Move the scene

Jump to an attached web site

Automatically walk to where you clicked

Spin about the scene

Popup the Live3D main menu

Important! Use the Right Mouse Button!
Many people forget that you can use the right mouse button to popup the Live3D main menu or to easily spin a scene around. Consequently, they miss much of what Live3D has to offer. Don't let this happen to you. Also, note that Live3D will let you fling an object with the right mouse button. This will cause the object to continue to spin on its own and can sometimes be very helpful when examining a standalone model. Lastly, be sure to check out our Spin, Look, and Slide navigation modes. Displaying the HUD navigation help will give you complete directions on how to use the mouse and keyboard while in any of these modes.

In order to view the VRML pieces, you will need to download a 3D VRML Viewer for the Internet Viewer you are using.


For Supreme Performance 3D-Viewing, Download the Live3D Netscape Plug-In... (This site contains the files and instructions you will need to quickly set up and navigate through our 3-Dimensional Models and Information World.) Be sure to access and print the Live3D Navigation Diagram page !!!!


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