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VJG PROFILE: Leadership Service means responding to client needs.

Communication Communication entails not just delivering information, but also receiving important messages. Truly listening to the client and confirming what I hear is important to assure that appropriate weight is given to priorities.

Confidentiality Mastering the art of communication also means knowing when not to talk. Being privileged to work with a number of companies who are pathfinders in advanced technology manufacturing has made me sensitive to the importance of confidentiality. Many of the high-tech projects involve processes and procedures that are highly proprietary.

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PROJECT TYPES AND WORK DESCRIPTION: I  am proud to present the following companies and institutions as clients I have been involved with:

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  • Advanced Micro Devices- Advanced Technology Semiconductor FAB Facility
  • Alliance Technology Group- Technology Park Master Planning
  • Anthony House- Landscaping & Courtyard Design
  • Applied Materials, Inc.- Advanced Technology Semiconductor FAB/R&D/Office Facilities & Master Planning
  • Benjamin House- Landscaping
  • Central Texas Medical Center- Interior Renovations
  • RDM Industrial Products Inc. - Web Site
  • Doppee' Residence - Home Addition
  • City of Austin- CADD Document Control
  • La Quinta Inns- National Renovation Project
  • 3M (Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing)- Conference Center
  • Motorola, Inc.- Advanced Technology Semiconductor FAB Facilities
  • Rodger House- Residential Home Design
  • St. David's Community Hospital- Renovation Design & Promotional Videotape
  • Southwest Texas State University- Student Center Ballroom Design
  • Pearson Realty - Web Site
  • Redline Electric - Web Site





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