Victor J. Gomez

1400 Bowe Avenue
Santa Clara, California 95051
(408) 557 - 9421

Objective: To provide my knowledge and skills to a company who desires high-quality output and who will allow me to research and promote the latest in business technology techniques.
Aug. 1987 – May 1993
Texas A&M University – College Station, Texas
- Acquired Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design
Sept. 1993 - Apr. 2000
Graeber, Simmons & Cowan – Austin, Texas & San Jose, California
- Designer, Job Captain, Project Leader, Marketing Assistant, Enhanced Graphics Specialist, MIS Coordinator, Internet Strategist, Creative Director, Construction Contract Administrator.
Apr. 2000 - Present AP+I Design – Mountain View, California
- Responsible for all aspects of Commercial Architectural Design, from inception through construction phase, Space Planning, Consultations, Construction Administration, Supervision of Personnel and Projects.
Aug. 1992 - Present VJG – Technical Design Graphics / Arch+Plus Designs
- Self–employed, Consultant, Designer, Project Manager, Web Designer/Consultant, Internet Solutions Architect
May 1992 – Aug. 1992 David Boggess Architects – Houston, Texas
Architectural Intern - Formal experience in Architecture
Skills & Responsibilities: - Managing development of Construction Documents for multiple projects.
- Consulting with Clients over project's progress and requirements.
- Coordinating evolition of project with Project Consultants.
- Estimating labor requirements and generating proposals for services.
- Designing & Implementing company Internet solutions.
- Introduced innovative approach to online project management - Project Web
- Advanced CADD Capabilities - Microstation, AutoCAD, etc.
- General Office Software - Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
- Enhanced Graphics / Web Development - 3D Studio, PhotoShop (and many other graphics programs), FrontPage, Hotmetal, Director, etc.
- Presentation of project materials to clients for review / approval.
Personal: Enjoy dedicating personal time towards activities such as fine dining and outdoor leisure activities (i.e. - skiing, running, biking, golfing).
Affiliations: AIA - American Institute of Architecture
Association of Former Students (Texas A&M University)
World Wildlife Fund / National Wildlife Federation / Smithsonian Institution
- Assisted in the establishment of new satellite office in San Jose, California for Texas-based firm in order to expand business clientele and services.
- Facilitated creation of Enhanced Graphics Presentation team which specialized in producing promotional marketing and design coordination materials.
- Coordinated scheduling, training, and execution of several Fast-Track project presentations for offices local and abroad.
- Assembled, operated and maintained company's small-office network of computers with minimal expense, which allowed our team to proceed until budget could clear for advanced network system.
References: Carol Sandman / Jenny Morse, AP+I Design (650) 623-1822
Tom Cornelius, Graeber, Simmons & Cowan Architects (512) 433–2547
Bill Holl, The Steinberg Group, Architects (408) 295-5446
John Olsson / Larry Smith, E.A. Hathaway (408) 988-4200
Rick Vigil, RDM Industrial Products (408) 945-8400
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