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Introduction: The use of CADD allows me to better coordinate the design of a project at all phases. By overlaying each discipline's CADD drawings and utilizing 3-D modeling capabilities, interference problems can be discovered and corrected before the project begins construction. The sharing of drawing files and information electronically also increases accuracy and reduces duplication of work, thus saving time and increasing productivity.

Electronic Permitting:


The traditional method of completing drawings before submission for permits became obsolete with the 'fast track' approach where in-line review and partial submissions for permits became the norm. Such accelerated approaches moved in a new direction, creating a new system of direct, hard-line electronic media interface with the City's Department of Planning and Development (Building Inspection).

With such a system, the City can directly review documents in progress. Information is coded to allow the City sole, protected access to those documents required for their review. The code reviewer is able to note any violations or conflicts directly on the electronic documents for ease of review. This process eliminates the printing, delivery, and distribution time required for hard copy documents until the final, 'official' submission, at which time the necessary hard copy documents are delivered.

  • AutoCAD
  • Cadvance
  • Microstation
  • 3D Studio
  • Form-Z
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