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Interactive 3-D Modeling & Animation

As the design and construction processes evolve, and as building types and the processes they support become more and more complex, the need for better communication at all levels becomes imperative. This is especially true in the microelectronics industry, where the environmental requirements of a rapidly evolving technology push each new facility beyond the current state of the art. The importance of a well-formulated vision and a holistic plan for tightly integrated systems becomes paramount. The key to this vision and the resulting plan is communication.

Using the latest in PC-based technology, I have developed an interactive design and presentation process where my clients and I may view and interact in real time with detailed three-dimensional models of their project at all stages of the design and construction process. The use of this powerful communication tool both facilitates and encourages participation. It can be effectively employed to address a wide range of issues at various levels of complexity from planning and conceptualization to detailed interference detection in design and construction planning.


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