Motorola MOS-13 FAB Facility

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Project Summary:

The Motorola ULSI/MOS 13 project is approximately 775,000 square feet of building dominated by its dual-purpose fabrication function with some 90,000 square feet of cleanroom. The cleanroom area is shared between research and development and production fabrication. The other functions housed in this facility are operations support, a central utilities building, waste collection, bulk chemical storage, offices, meeting rooms, and a new campus North Entry building. A 1,287 space parking garage completes the complex. Special care was taken to ensure this complex mated up to the existing campus' pedestrian spine and the buildings fit into the steep, sloping site. Site access is accomplished by the addition of a loop road extension.

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Finished Exterior Skin

Site Aerial

Scrubber Deck

Employee Entryway

Employee Entryway

Floor Finish Plan

Floor Finish Plan


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