Benjamin Lot

Design 50%  

Project Summary:

Together, Woodland plants and myself formed a team to create several great landscape designs. Karen Pitts of Woodland Plants had the best knowledge of native plant species in the state, performing lectures on the subject. This classified her as the "Green Thumb" of the team. While I provided all of the hardscape designing (The "Black Thumb"...), Karen provided the designs for plant selection and arrangements.
The landscape design for the Benjamin Lot sprouted from the character of the property's unique contours and their need for a revised drainage plan. The slope of the earth in the front lawn was oriented directly at the home's front door. The relation of the road's higher elevation to the lower elevation of the house had to remain fixed, of course. This is where we were called onto the scene for which we devised the terraced landscape design solution you see below...

3D-Modeling 100%    
Rendering 100%    
Animation 100%    
Negotiation / Presentation 50%    
Project Management 50%    
Construction Management 50%    

Employee Entryway

Employee Entry Study Model

Space Planning - Level One

Space Planning - Level Two

Interior Study of Transition Hall

3D Site Model - Southwest Aerial


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